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What to Wear to a Library Interview

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I believe in the power of the third piece. That is, a jacket, etc. can change an outfit from bland to polished. Plus, a jacket can fix an ill-fitting shirt. When its 90 F outside, however, layers are difficult. Sure, the interview room might have air conditioning, but if I’m drenched in sweat by the time I get there, first impressions of me won’t be that great. And what if there is no air conditioning that day?

Would any of these outfits work for a summer interview at a business casual library in the south?

Another way of thinking about it is, what are the first three to five words that come into your head when you look at these outfits (ignoring my poor self photography skills)?

Any ideas for how I can make these outfits more appropriate without succumbing to heat stroke?

Are either of the flats acceptable? I could wear the boots in the heat, but I would rather not.

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